Navigation Drawer (Android Style)

Modify HTML

1) Add css-classes to BODY element:

required: .has-menu-drawer

to show drawer on load: .menu-drawer-opened

show drawer as sidebar: .menu-drawer-static

2) Add ID to toggle buttton: #menu-drawer-toggle

3) Add ID to drawer conteiner: #menu-drawer

Examle for sidebar menu (used on this demo site)

<div id="menu-drawer" class="menu-drawer dark-bg">
	<nav class="nav-side">
		<ul class="nav nav-col">
			<!-- nav content -->
			<li><a class="ripple" href="#"><i class="mdi mdi-play"></i> Get started</a></li>
			<!-- nav content -->

Generate drawer content from another NAV container

Used plugin: /src/js/jquery-components/navbar.js

Instead of step 3 just add ID #desktop-menu to NAV container (UL tag). Menu-drawer div will be created automatically